Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shocked by the Generosity

Do you see those rosy red cheeks? Those aren't from a hard workout - they're red from the frigid air!

So since it was so cold today I thought I would stop by Starbucks between classes and grab some coffee to warm myself up. I ordered their new Vanilla Spice Latte and it was pretty good. I have been hearing some good things about the drink and thought I would try it for myself. It may easily become one of my new favorites.

I also got a piece of banana chocolate chip coffee cake. I don't have a picture of it because I already scarfed it down :)

If you are a dedicated reader then you should know by now that I have been raising money for my aunt. Today I checked my Paypal account to see how much I have raised to date and I have raised over $1,000! I am so shocked by the generosity of some people. I can not believe how generous some people are when it comes to helping out a great cause and a great woman. My aunt 100% deserves this and I am so happy to be doing this for her. My initial goal is for 100 people to donate one dollar for every  mile I am going to run for a total of $13 donated per person and some people have been exceeding this amount and have been donating up to $50 for every mile. I am in shock when I find this out from people and just want to give them a great big hug.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and thank you in advance for those of you who are going to donate.

Also, there are exactly 100 days until the race! 4 miles on the treadmill is on today's agenda.

Have you ever done a fundraiser before? Do you have any tips or tricks for raising money?


  1. Over $1K?! CONGRATS GIRL! That's so incredible. You're a fundraising rockstar!
    See this is how out of it I am since I switched from Starbucks to buying local coffee whenever I can. I had no idea the vanilla spice latte existed! Very intriguing. Though I must say I do have experience with their banana choc chip bread, mmm.

  2. I've been watching your donations add up! So exciting!



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