Friday, July 3, 2015

Warrior Dash Race Recap - Rockin' Refuel Team

I am so glad that when Rockin' Refuel reached out to me a few weeks ago about the possibility of running in the Warrior Dash that I said YES!

Talk about a fun and muddy race!

If you've never heard of the Warrior Dash before, you need to check it out. And if the thought of signing up for a mud run has ever crossed your mind, even if just for a split second, then you need to sign up for one right now. Seriously, go find one and sign up now! 

The Warrior Dash is a 5k filled with obstacles and mud. Lots of mud. 

The day of the race the entire team met at my place so we could carpool to Crawfordsville, IN which is about an hour away from us. When we arrived we were able to quickly find parking, pick up our race packets and bib numbers, put away our stuff, and head on over to the Rockin' Refuel booth for our pre-race photos! 

After that we headed over to the start line and waited for our heat to start. We were the only people at the starting line along with a couple of other runners so we weren't sure if we arrived late. After the race announcer made us all do burpees, we were off and on our way to be covered in mud!

The first mile of the race was nothing but hiking through the woods. This sounds easy but it was almost impossible to run because it rained the night before and everything was so slippery, muddy, and uneven. 

Most of the obstacles on the course were totally doable - climbing over mud mounds, crawling through trenches, running (mostly walking) through the super muddy woods, and sliding into a pool of mud. And others were a bit harder - climbing ropes, climbing over walls, and completing obstacles in heavy rain. 

I think my favorite obstacle had to have been "Goliath" which was a huge slide that went straight into a pool of mud! My friend and I went down hand in hand and figured that it wasn't going to be that deep. We were wrong! We went all the way under and came up muddier than we were before, if that was even possible.

Once we crossed the finish line we headed over to the Rockin' Refuel booth to refuel! We chose to drink a delicious ice cold Muscle Recovery Chocolate drink that tasted exactly like chocolate milk! (click here to see all of the other tasty products and flavors)

After we refueled, we hit the showers, met up with our team, and hung out at the after party. 

Thanks again for an awesome day, Rockin' Refuel!

Disclaimer: My team and this blog post are sponsored by Rockin' Refuel. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.  


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