Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eating Out on The Whole 30 (Guest Post)

Kelli has some awesome tips for eating out while completing the Whole 30 challenge! You can check out her blog here and read about her Whole 30 story here! Now for her great tips...


First things first, congrats on starting this awesome journey for your health!  You will not regret it!  The Whole 30 program opened my eyes to addictions I had with food, helped me experiment with new flavors and foods, and set me on the right path for the future.  But, the struggle is real!  You have to think about every meal and whether you'll be at home, out or away for the weekend.  It's so hard to stick with it away from home, but it is possible!  Here's a few tips for eating out while on The Whole 30!
1.  Choose the restaurant - if you have the choice, you can look over their menu and decide what you can request to be "Whole 30" friendly 
2. Plan your meal choice beforehand - go for lean meats (without the bun) and raw or steamed veggies without butter or cheese!
3.  Tell your friends - If people think you're just ordering like a snob, you'll probably get "that look" and then feel weird the whole meal.  Tell them before you order that you're on an awesome health program and don't want to waiver.  
4.  Stay the course - just because your spouse orders a bacon cheeseburger and you can smell the french fries and oh, they smell so good, remember how success feels.  And you won't miss much ;)
5.  Have fun - Don't forget that this program is changing your life, so make accommodations with the food that you can and enjoy the company you have!  Life is too short!
A few words on eating out where you can prepare the meal:

Let's say you are going to a birthday party or the zoo and you have the opportunity to pack your Whole 30 lunch.  Here are my top 5 go-to tips:
1.  Again, tell your family/friends - We had a birthday party to attend while on the Whole 30 where the food was pizza and ice cream.  I called and explained what we were doing so as not to offend the hosts and they were totally cool with it.
2.Prepare and package - salads and chicken breasts with raw veggies packs well in a cooler.
3. Don't forget a snack - if you're gone more than just 1 meal, pack a container of almond butter and some apples for a quick boost
4.  Make the most of it - let's say you hadn't planned on being out during a meal but you're out and you're starving.  Pick someplace you know you can get something small and healthy to tide you over before returning home.  Maybe some raw almonds at a gas station?
5.  Be prepared - don't let #4 happen!  The Whole 30 is all about preparing and setting yourself up for success.  Have the almonds in your car during the month....ALWAYS.  No exceptions.  If you fail to plan, then you can plan to fail.

Good luck and go get it.  You are changing your life, one meal at a time!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inspiration for a Successful Whole 30! (Guest Post)

I'm going to let Lauren do the talking today! She had amazing results with her Whole 30 Challenge and is here to offer some inspiration for all of you! Check out her before and after photos - AMAZING! Great job, Lauren!


Hi everyone!

This is Lauren from Lauren Lives Healthy, where I write about healthy living in the Bay Area. I’m a triathlete, half marathoner, and a total foodie.

Last year, I got wind of the whole30 program and just knew I had to try it. I jumped on it the moment I read about the program and spent that first day doing research on the whole30 website, pinning recipes and grocery shopping.  I finished the program nearly the whole way through, making only a few adjustments and ending the night before, and saw great results – I lost 8 lbs and 17 inches!

I wanted to do it to show people I could do a challenge. What I realize now, though, is that I should have been doing it for me. I got caught up in the whole fa├žade and forgot exactly why I was doing it – to make me feel better.

For months, I had been feeling sluggish and tired and thought that adjusting my diet could help. I followed the whole30 best I could, but realized that I couldn’t go without snacks, so I added them back in – just a piece of fruit or some nuts; nothing too crazy! On a strict diet like whole30, you definitely have to listen to your body and remember why you started.

Another thing I learned is that you have to have support from those around you. It’s not easy to eat this strict when you have bread, pasta, cookies, dessert & other goodies lying around the house. Let your roommates/boyfriend/family know what your goals are and ask for support. Even if you have your own shelf in the pantry or refrigerator, that’s enough to get you going.

And oh my goodness – PLEASE head over to Pinterest and find some new recipes before you start. I got caught in a rut, eating the same meals over and over again because I didn’t know what was approved or not. There are actually a lot of recipes available! Follow my whole30 Pinterest board for inspiration and #whole30 on Instagram for recipe ideas.

In the end, I felt a lot slimmer and less bloated than I had before. I won’t be doing a full whole30 again because I love my protein powder and Greek yogurt too much, but I’ll definitely do a whole5 again (whole30 lifestyle for only 5 days). It’s a great way to get on track when you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Read my full story here and here.

Good luck on your whole30! If you have any questions about my personal whole30 experience, feel free to shoot me an email at

XO Lauren

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Monday, January 26, 2015

RxBar Review & Giveaway

I have a hard time finding the paleo-friendly snacks, bars, and treats that my fellow blogger friends are always talking about. Living in a small college town, I don't think paleo snacks are something that are high in demand. While I know that I am able to buy these products online with a click of a button, I can never bring myself to do it. I just don't like the idea of spending money on a food product when I may end up hating it. Then what am I supposed to do with a huge box of bars that I don't like? Throw them away? I'd rather not have to do that so I'm always happy anytime I can find something in stores.

Unfortunately, RxBar was one of those companies that I have heard several good things about but was never able to get my hands on any of their products so I reached out to RxBar and asked if they would be willing to send me a few samples to try and all I can say is...


Just wow.

These are the most amazing paleo protein bars that I have ever tried. Actually, these are the most amazing bars I have ever had. Period. The Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon bars are my favorite.

From their website:

"Made with minimal ingredients, RxBars are prescribed by nature to give you the proper balance of high quality egg white protein, a healthy supply of fats, carbohydrates that are high in fiber, and natural sugars from real fruit.

RxBars will NEVER contain: Dairy, soy, gluten, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, whey, artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols, GMOs, or preservatives.

We set out to create a protein bar we felt good about eating and that made us feel great after we ate it. And we think we've done a pretty good job."

RxBar, I think you have done a pretty good job as well! 

I love how few ingredients are in each bar and how every ingredient is clean, simple, and healthy. If you are completing the Whole 30, follow a paleo lifestyle, or don't want to fill your diet with added sugar and artificial ingredients, these bars are for you. These protein bars are made with egg whites and each bar has 12 grams of protein, all equally delicious. 

Another thing I love about these bars (there's so much to love!) is how big they are. Most protein or meal bars are usually pretty small and gone in two bites but these were a decent size. 

RxBars are perfect for on-the-go breakfasts, road trip snacks, and for getting a boost of protein after a workout. I am heading to Florida for vacation in a few weeks and I am going to make sure that I am stocked up on these bars before my trip! I'm so glad that I have found a delicious and healthy protein bar that I truly like. 


Now for the fun part... RxBar has offered all of my readers a chance to win a variety pack of bars to try out for their self! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter and a winner will be selected at random on February 2nd!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Whole 30 and RxBar have teamed up and are offering a special discount Whole 30 discount code that expires never! Use the code "whole30" for 10% off any purchase of $20 or more.

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge and am not being compensated for this review. All opinions are, as always, entirely my own. 


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