Thursday, November 29, 2012

LÄRABAR Giveaway

 *The giveaway is now closed*

I am super excited about today's post because I get to do my first giveaway thanks to some awesome people over at LARABAR.

I still have a fever and am still cooped up in my little college dorm room. I feel so lazy not being able to get up and move but I'd rather rest so I can get better sooner. Last night Alex came over for a little bit to visit so I hope he doesn't catch whatever I have!

So once again, no exciting workout happened today but I have an exciting giveaway to announce!


My friends over at  LÄRABAR have offered to giveaway a 16-count variety box of their bars!

If you have never heard of LARABAR here is a little bit of information about them:

LARABAR is a pure and simple bar made of fruits, nuts, and spices. The bars are gluten, dairy and soy free, have no added sugars, are vegan, and have no preservatives. So in all, they are pure deliciousness!

They 20 yummy flavors from apple pie to peanut butter chocolate chip so there is a bar to meet everyone's liking!

How to enter

Required: Comment on this post and tell me which flavor you would like to try. If you have never tried them, head over to their website and look around and pick from the 20 different flavors.
Optional: Share the giveaway on Facebook and like Truffles n' Treadmills Facebook Page and post an additional comment saying that you did
Optional: Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment saying you did "I just entered to win a box of @larabar from @trufflesntread at" 

Who can comment

ANYONE! If you don't have a Google account, WordPress, AIM, or one of the other account options used to sign in to comment, I have offered the option to comment anonymously. Just make sure you include your first name in the comment!

I will pick a winner on Saturday!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to try something new! I think I'd have to try the Cappuccino. Or the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Both sound yummy.

  2. Oooooo Chocolate Coconut chew!

  3. Joyce "theimperfectnutritarian" Posted to Facebook

  4. Tweeted by @theimperfectnute

  5. It's so cool that you get to promote LARABAR! I've tried a couple flavors of them and would definitely recommend them. Yum!
    I would go for the APPLE PIE flavor or PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE.

  6. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips sounds really good

  7. Banana bread, chocolate chip brownie, and peanut butter and jelly all sound delicious!!

  8. I would love to try their Key Lime as well as their Cappuccino!

  9. Following you and tweeted!

  10. The flavours sound INCREDIBLE!!! I would love to try them all. I guess I'd start with the banana bread though, because I love everything banana!

  11. i would LOVE to try Gingersnap in honor of the holidays :) i've only had the peanut butter chocolate falvor, which was delicious.

  12. *whoops, previous link thing was a mistake!
    i would LOVE to try Gingersnap in honor of the holidays :) i've only had the peanut butter chocolate flavor, which was delicious.

  13. Key Lime Pie definitely sounds delicious and refreshing to me!



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