Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Reps of Christmas

Holiday Challenge

I know that when the holidays come around the same thing happens every year. People get caught up in the holiday parties, food, shopping, and spending time with loved ones that most don't even think about working out, yet have the time to fit it in their schedule. And then when New Years comes around everyone always makes a resolution to start working out again, but why stop working out now?

This exercise challenge is simple and manageable for even the busiest people! All I am asking is that from December 1 until December 25 you choose 2-4 different exercises each day to complete and do 25 reps of each exercise. Just 25 reps! These reps can be in addition to a workout you are already doing or can be the only form of exercise you do all day. This is just a fun way to keep you active during the busy times when you don't even have time for a longer workout. I have some exercises that I recommend you do but you can choose your own exercises to do based on your fitness level.

Running Safety

With the weather getting colder (well it should be getting colder even though today it was in the 60s) less people will be doing their runs outside and more will be doing them inside on a treadmill or indoor track. For those of you who are going to continue to run outside I want to remind you of some tips to staying safe while you run.

Earlier this past week, Elizabeth of Running for Bling, was out doing one of her long runs and was sexually and physically assaulted by a man. She was running in a nice neighborhood, one that she didn't know well but knew people who lived there, there were other runners out, and she felt safe. I find this extremely scary and I couldn't imagine what I would have done if I were her but I praise her for what she did after the cops freed her from the scene.. she finished her run! I love that she won't let that man take running away from her.

Some helpful tips on safety are:

Take your phone: In an emergency, whether it be an assault or an injury, you want to be able to get help immediately. Many companies make wrist and waist bands that can hold your phones, keys, ID, etc.
Know the neighborhood: Knowing whether or not a lot of people are normally outside, if the neighborhood is safe, and if it has street lights and cameras is always a good thing to know.
Tell someone where you are going: If something happens to you on your run and you can't return home you will want people to know where you were when you got lost/hurt/assaulted so they can help find you.
Limit music: Wearing headphones while running is a nice luxury but it can also be dangerous. If you can not hear someone coming up behind you, you should turn your music down or take one headphone out.
Change up your route: Changing your route on a daily or weekly basis is important. If a bad guy wants to find you, he will, and if you run the same route every day it just makes it that much easier for him.
Be aware: Know your surroundings, look people in the eye when you pass them, and occasionally look back over your shoulder.

For more running safety tips, visit this site.

Are you going to participate in this challenge?
Have you ever had any bad experiences while running?

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