Monday, January 14, 2013

Artisana Nut Butters

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Today seems like it has been taking forever. I am already ready for the three day weekend that is coming up and it's only Monday. Help!

If you remember from yesterday's post, I had mentioned that when I went home on Saturday that there were a bunch of packages waiting for me. There were so many that it felt like Christmas all over again!

One of the packages contained some goodies from Artisana Organic Foods. The package contained 2 jars of their nut butters and 8 different single serving squeeze packs. This was my first time trying anything like this and so far, so good! I'm not really sure what to use the coconut butter with but their site has some recipes that use the butters so I am going to have to do some searching. If you have any great recipe ideas, please share!

The best thing about the Artisana Nut Butters is that their factory contains no peanut, gluten, dairy or soy products at all which makes all of their products very safe for those with food allergies. In the package they also sent a little guide that tells you which Nut Butter tastes best with certain foods and which ones work great in recipes. I took their advice and tried the Almond Butter with a banana today for a post-workout snack.

It was pretty good. The butter had a gritty texture to it and tasted exactly like almonds. The Almond Butter was great to have right after a workout because it had 7 grams of protein! And get this, the only ingredient in it was Organic Raw Almonds! If you are an almond lover and a butter lover then this is perfect for you.

If you are loving my feedback so far, then you are in the right place! One lucky reader will receive 1-8oz jar of butter (any flavor) and the single serving squeeze packs as part of the New Years Resolutions Giveaway!

How to enter

Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me which Nut Butter you would choose if you won
Optional: Tweet about this giveaway "I want to win the @ArtisanaFoods giveaway from @trufflesntread" and leave an additional comment saying that you did

A winner will be chosen on Wednesday!

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge, however all opinions are my own.


Today is the day that I am officially starting my half-marathon training. I have been running off and on recently (more off than on it seems like) but last night I made up a training plan and I am going to stick with it! I will make it look all pretty later this week and post it so you can all see what I'm up to.

In the book for today was strength and cross training. For my cross training I did the stair stepper for 15 minutes and then headed over to the kettle bells for some strength moves. Most people don't even touch the kettle bells because they have no idea what to do with them but they are super versatile and can be used for a number of workouts. I did squats, kettle bell swings, and rows. I completed 10 reps/3 sets of each workout and was feeling good. After I looked up some different exercises that can be done with kettle bells and found this great site for a full body kettle bell workout. I think I am going to have to incorporate these into my workouts more often.


  1. Oh, I'm first. I'd probably try the cashew or macadamia nut butters - things I don't see at the store. I've had the pecan before, and it's really good.

  2. I've eyed up Artisana at the store a few times, but never tried it myself! I'd probably choose the walnut butter!

  3. I would try the macadamia or the cashew. They both sound great!

  4. I would try the cacao butter--who doesn't love chocolate?! :)

  5. Hands down I would pick the cashew butter! I love cashews raw so I tried making my own at home.. let's just say, EPIC FAIL:( So I'd love to try Artisana's because I love their coconut butter!

  6. I would choose the Cacoa butter or Cashew butter! Both sound delicious!

  7. I would try the cacao or the walnut. I have a jar of the coconut at home right now and it is DELICIOUS! I put it in my overnight oats with berries.

  8. I tweeted!@theloski

  9. I would get the Walnut Butter as I've never tried that!

  10. I tweeted!

  11. Cashew Butter would be tasty as I snack on cashews too! Thanks!

  12. I would have to say the coconut butter since I can't have nuts of any kind!

  13. The Macademia Cashew Butter sounds delightful!

  14. Tweeted:

  15. I'd love to try the Macademia Cashew Butter!!



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