Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bod Pod

Have any of you guys ever seen one of these machines before?

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It's called a Bod Pod and it is used to measure body fat percentage. The machine uses air displacement to measure lean muscle mass, body fat, organs, etc. This test is as accurate as underwater weighing but is much easier to perform. All I had to do was wear tight shorts, a sports bra, and a swim cap (air pockets in your hair can mess up the results!) and then sit in the machine for about 2 minutes total. They run two tests to make sure it is accurate and each lasts for 30 seconds. I am not really concerned with my weight but I thought it would be cool just to see if there is a difference pre and post half-marathon training. There was also a special going on for students to take the test for $15 instead of the normal $25.


Let's talk about yesterday's workout first. Oh my gosh was it hard! I started out by doing some arm work. I did 21's (7 bicep curls, 7 bicep curls half way down, 7 bicep curls half way up, repeat 3 times) it made my arms burn, and then I did some overhead flys, overhead presses, and some tricep extensions. I also did a bunch of pushups - 4 sets of 10 to be exact. Oh and did I mention that they were man pushups?! I am so excited I don't have to do the girly ones anymore. It was a nice workout and I'm feeling it a little bit today. After arm work I headed over to the stair master. I completed 30 minutes on it. It was so hard but I told myself at the beginning that I was going to do it and I did. I was a sweaty mess after it.

Today I had a 3 mile run scheduled but I didn't drink much water today and it was catching up with me. I also didn't even start running until 10 p.m. I stopped at 2.25 miles because I was exhausted and my legs were chafing so bad! I think I am going to have to throw out the pair of shorts I was wearing because every time I wear them it happens and it hurts so bad.

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Have you ever done any sort of body fat test? If you had the chance to take one, would you?

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