Friday, January 18, 2013

Drawing a Blank

*This giveaway is closed*

All day today I was trying to figure out what to post about today. I didn't want to leave you guys without a fun post before the weekend started but I seriously had no idea of what to write about. I know that some bloggers keep journals and write down interesting topics so that when they draw a blank they have something to fall back on. I should really look into doing this because I always think to myself "that would be fun to blog about" and then when it comes time to blog I can never remember what I wanted to say!

After my workout today when I was enjoying a protein shake, it hit me that I should share with you guys some of the great products I have received in the mail.

Earlier this week I had mentioned that when I went home on Saturday there was a pile of packages waiting for me. Some of the companies that teamed up with me for the New Years Resolutions Giveaway sent me some products to review and some other companies sent me some samples of their products just because! I love people. So here's my review of some of the products I received:

Chike Nutrition

Chike Nutrition is a company that makes high-quality protein supplements that are perfect if you are trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or want a protein-packed shake after a workout. Chike sent me some of their Iced Coffee in convenient single-serve packs.

They are a great way to start the day, as they have the caffeine equivalency of one cup of coffee or perfect after a workout because of the 20 grams of protein. Chike Nutrition is a company that is "obsessed with taste," and let me tell you - these are pretty darn good.

I had one of the Iced Coffees after my workout today. I added water to mine but you can use milk instead. It tasted great and mixed really easily in my Blender Bottle. I really like how convenient the single-serving packs are because then you don't have to deal with measuring and can easily throw a pack in your gym bag.

The Iced Coffee is great for coffee lovers but if you don't like coffee they have 5 other flavors including Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Burst, Orange Creme, Banana Magic, and Very Vanilla.

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge, however all opinions are my own.

Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good (FSTG) sent me four different flavors to try: Multigrain, Barbeque Sweet Potato Kettle Cooked, Original Sweet Potato Kettle Cooked, and Sweet Potato.

So far I have only opened up the Sweet Potato bag and have been snacking on them ever since. I didn't want to dive into all of the bags at once and have 4 open bags of chips. The Sweet Potato chips are simply delicious! They have the perfect crunch to them and have a slight sweetness to them. I haven't tried them with any dip but I imagine they would be good with fruit salsa or apple butter.

I love that FSTG believes that good food is made from real ingredients. All of the chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have zero grams trans fats, certified Kosher, and many varieties are vegan.

Once I eat up all of the bags I received I want to find the Lime and the Chocolate varieties as well! There are 23 tortilla flavors and 4 Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato Flavors. You can check out all of the flavors that Food Should Taste Good offers here.

Disclaimer: I received these products free of charge, however all opinions are my own.


I haven't done any abs in awhile and wanted to get in a good ab workout. I went through all of the different workouts I have written down and came up with a new one, that you can do anywhere. And when I say "anywhere" I mean it. I completed this workout in my dorm room, which is incredibly small and I'm pretty sure they thought munchkins would be living in it when they built it.

Do you like my red and black color combo? I thought it would be fitting since our school colors and red and black! Anyways, the 10-10 second planks are a toughie but a goodie. I also added on another set of them at the very end of the workout after the last set of crunches but forgot to add it in the picture!


Food Should Taste Good wants you to try some of their delicious flavors! They offered to give away a variety box of 4 flavors to one lucky reader! (I don't think you will be getting the exact same flavors I received but you never know!) I will be randomly choosing a winner on Tuesday.

How to enter

Mandatory: Visit Food Should Taste Good's website and let me know which chip variety looks best to you!
Optional: Follow Truffles n' Treadmills on Facebook
Optional: Tweet "I want to win a variety box of @FSTG_Chips from @trufflesntread"

Make sure you leave an additional comment for each entry for more chances to win!

Also, I still have three more giveaways coming up! I will also redraw for the Healthy Bites Giveaway if the original winner doesn't email me soon! 

That was a long post for not having anything to say earlier today ;) Have a great weekend!


  1. The Sweet Potato flavor sounds great! Their Olive & Hemp would be tasty & unique flavors!

  2. The Multigrain gets my pick as its full of healthy grains! Also would like to try Hemp too.

  3. Great reviews! The BBQ flavor sounds incredible:)

  4. I think the kettle corn flavor sounds delicious!

  5. I've been eyeing up the sweet potato flavor, but haven't given them a try yet!

  6. I like their sweet potato flavor the most!

  7. How fun, I LOVE giveaways! I also LOVE Food Should Taste Good chips! I usually buy the Multi Grain ones, but after visiting their website...I would say the CHOCOLATE ones look the best!! Chocolate chips??? Who knew?

  8. I also checked out your Facebook page and "liked" it!!

  9. Sweet Potato sounds divine! Love sweet potatoes!
    Thank you - Georgiana

  10. I LOVE their sweet potato chips!!



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