Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cute Band-Aids Make Everything Better

When I went home last weekend for my grandpa's funeral I thought that my black heels were at home when in fact they were actually back at school. This wasn't so bad because it gave my mom and I a reason to go shopping. I picked up a new pair of black flats from Kohl's. I figured that I would get a lot of use out of them because next year I have to dress up for clinicals.

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Anyways, I wore these flats all day on Monday and had no problems in them what-so-ever. I wore them on Tuesday for a couple of interviews and still no problems. I wear them today for about 2 hours and ended up with a gross bloody blister. Don't worry though, I won't show you a picture of that.

I went back to my room, cleaned it up, and put one of these fun giraffe band-aids on! My mom bought me these last year and bought my sister zebra ones. Giraffes are my favorite animal so I adore these. I am pretty sure they come in cheetah print too! (Please note, that while I am not 7 years old, I do love me some cute band-aids!)

Hopefully they do the trick because Saturday there is a 5k race back at home I am running in. I am guessing that it will be a rather small race because it's being put on by some frat boys at one of the college's back at home. I just want to see what my time is while racing since I haven't raced in forever and have the half-marathon coming up.

Sock of the Month

You're in luck! ProCompression just shared with me their Sock of the Month! The ProCompression Socks of the Month for April are purple and baby blue! A select portion of the sales from SOM will go to the organizations Team in Training and Train 4 Autism. Just use the code SOMF4 at the checkout to receive 40% off any purple or baby blue pair of socks and free shipping!


How do you heal blisters? Do you have any tricks? Do you still run when you have them?


  1. Cute band-aids really DO make everything better! I also hate blisters. Seriously... I know what you mean! I can wear the same pair of shoes 5 times and then on the 6th time I get a blister. What?

  2. I love a good blister, and you are a better blogger than I because I would have posted a picture of the nasty blister. ;) I've been known to do so... BTW- I love the cute bandaids. My mom recently hooked me up with Disney Princess ones.

    1. I actually took a picture of it but my roommate was grossed out so it didn't make it on the blog!

  3. Those band aids are too cute! I have shoes that are notoriously bad. I'll wear them for weeks and they will be fine and then all of a sudden they will have one bad day and blisters!. I always have to keep bandaids in my handbag just in case.



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