Friday, May 31, 2013

Stop Trouble Before It Starts®

Ever find yourself stopping earlier on a run than planned because chafing and blisters are making it unbearable? Do certain materials or hot weather make you chafe? Have you tried countless products and remedies to eliminate chafing and blisters but nothing works? Well I'm here to tell you that I have found a product that really does work - and it's BodyGlide.

I personally find chafing to be at it's worst when I am running inside (because of how hot it gets), when I am running in the summer, or when I wear certain pairs of running shorts. Now when I run in tights or in the cooler months I don't have a problem with chafing at all but it's not realistic to run in tights in the middle of June nor is the weather always going to be perfect for running.

When I contacted BodyGlide and told them about my chafing problems they quickly offered to send a sample of their product. I was sent the BodyGlide For Her Stick and BodyGlide For Her Pocket Size. Immediately I wanted to go on a run and test it out. Once I did I was extremely happy with the results.

I thought the Pocket Size ones were adorable! Perfect for throwing one in your gym bag and another in your purse.

Some info about BodyGlide For Her from BodyGlide:

Bodyglide® For Her provides comfort in sensitive areas such as with bras and on thighs, it’s resistant to perspiration and water, but it lets skin breathe even as it holds-up in heat and humidity.

Added Vitamin F Forte helps to hydrate and smooth skin, along with aloe and Vitamin E. 

The long-lasting formula is ideal to maintain skin comfort all day, in any weather, and under all conditions. 

Like the original technically advanced formula, it’s invisible, dry, fragrance free, and never oily or greasy.

It’s also ideal for feet, protecting against raw skin and blisters caused by footwear, from athletic shoes to everyday and formal wear, flats and strappies, boots and heels.

Seriously, this stuff is awesome! I 100% agree with everything above - from it being perfect in any condition to letting skin breathe even in humidity. If you have problems with chafing, bra straps becoming irritating, or blisters you need to try this stuff out! They have products for men, women, runners, swimmers, work, blisters.. the list goes on, so go check it out now!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free however all opinions are my own.


Do you have problems with chafing? Have you ever tried BodyGlide?


  1. I love bodyglide and use it whenever I go on long runs. I used to get chaffing always on my arms as it would rub against the cotton on the top I was wearing and tried bodyglide and haven't had an issue since.

  2. I use glide, and with no shame. My inner thighs get it really bad and I get it under my arm by bra line sometimes too and it's horrible, so I use glide and it makes a HUGE difference.



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