Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inspiration for a Successful Whole 30! (Guest Post)

I'm going to let Lauren do the talking today! She had amazing results with her Whole 30 Challenge and is here to offer some inspiration for all of you! Check out her before and after photos - AMAZING! Great job, Lauren!


Hi everyone!

This is Lauren from Lauren Lives Healthy, where I write about healthy living in the Bay Area. I’m a triathlete, half marathoner, and a total foodie.

Last year, I got wind of the whole30 program and just knew I had to try it. I jumped on it the moment I read about the program and spent that first day doing research on the whole30 website, pinning recipes and grocery shopping.  I finished the program nearly the whole way through, making only a few adjustments and ending the night before, and saw great results – I lost 8 lbs and 17 inches!

I wanted to do it to show people I could do a challenge. What I realize now, though, is that I should have been doing it for me. I got caught up in the whole fa├žade and forgot exactly why I was doing it – to make me feel better.

For months, I had been feeling sluggish and tired and thought that adjusting my diet could help. I followed the whole30 best I could, but realized that I couldn’t go without snacks, so I added them back in – just a piece of fruit or some nuts; nothing too crazy! On a strict diet like whole30, you definitely have to listen to your body and remember why you started.

Another thing I learned is that you have to have support from those around you. It’s not easy to eat this strict when you have bread, pasta, cookies, dessert & other goodies lying around the house. Let your roommates/boyfriend/family know what your goals are and ask for support. Even if you have your own shelf in the pantry or refrigerator, that’s enough to get you going.

And oh my goodness – PLEASE head over to Pinterest and find some new recipes before you start. I got caught in a rut, eating the same meals over and over again because I didn’t know what was approved or not. There are actually a lot of recipes available! Follow my whole30 Pinterest board for inspiration and #whole30 on Instagram for recipe ideas.

In the end, I felt a lot slimmer and less bloated than I had before. I won’t be doing a full whole30 again because I love my protein powder and Greek yogurt too much, but I’ll definitely do a whole5 again (whole30 lifestyle for only 5 days). It’s a great way to get on track when you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Read my full story here and here.

Good luck on your whole30! If you have any questions about my personal whole30 experience, feel free to shoot me an email at lauren@laurenliveshealthy.com.

XO Lauren

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