Monday, February 23, 2015

Vacation Recap

As some of you may know, Jon has been down in the sunshine state completing an internship before graduating in May and I have been up north in the cold and snow! Because I haven't seen him in two months this vacation was much needed! The weather was nothing great while I was there and the state was even under a cold weather advisory - it was 50 degrees some days. I thought of it as a huge joke but the locals who were walking around in winter coats and hats take it very seriously. I was pretty sad that I was unable to break out the summer shorts but was very thankful that I packed a few extra sweatshirts!

When I was there I was taken on a tour of a few of the sports facilities, the locker rooms, and even got to watch a few games. I also left with a handful of new shirts to represent FSU while I'm up north!

The campus and all of the statues were absolutely beautiful. The day we went on the tour the weather was perfect and I only needed to wear a light jacket! I'm still mind blown that I needed to wear a jacket in Florida.

Jon worked most days while I was there but we were able to escape to Panama City Beach for a long but chilly weekend away. We were able to relax on the beach with a few drinks, walk the pier, shop and stuff our faces with as much seafood as we could eat!

The views from the pier were stunning. We were lucky that there was one other person out on the pier, a local fisherman, who was able to snap a picture of us!

The last night we were there we checked the sunset time, grabbed a few beers, and headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. We were amazed how accurate the timing was on the weather app with the time the sun actually set! 

Now I'm thinking I need to plan another trip sometime soon... Maybe when the weather will be above 70 degrees down there! Who wants to go with me?!

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