Friday, March 27, 2015

Nail Polish Organization Tip

Today I'm changing it up a little bit here on the blog!

I don't have any food pictures, exercises, or recipes to share but rather a fashion tip! I'm not a fashionista by any means but I do think that this little tip is something worth sharing.

I absolutely love painting my nails. Sometimes I paint them two times a week just because I love all of the different colors so much it's hard to choose just one! I'm always trying out new designs and color combos and this little trick has came into handy, especially when I need just the right color.

Whenever I buy nail polish I stick a toothpick into the jar and then dab a little bit of paint right on top of the lid.

This helps a lot when I am looking at all of my colors at once (see photo below) and it also helps me see what the color looks like when dried. How many times have you caught yourself in the middle of the nail polish aisle with little paint swatches all over your nails?

By adding a little drop of color to the lids I am able to quickly see what colors I have in my box of polish rather than take them all out and look at the bottles. I also love that if I have a big date planned, a wedding, or other event where I want my nails to match my clothes, I am able to match the already dried nail polish to the outfit! I don't have to guess which one will match the best and then be disappointed when it doesn't match the dress!


What do you think of my little life hack? 
Do you want me to share more of my amazing beauty secrets here on the blog? Ha!

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