Sunday, August 23, 2015

All Moved In

I have officially been a Floridian for one week! Woo! 

Moving to a new state in an entirely different part of the country has made it hard to have any free time these past few weeks but I am finally able to sit down, relax, and do absolutely nothing. And it feels so good. 

On top of going to work and making sure we remember to eat dinner, unpacking boxes, putting furniture together, and making countless trips to the store has been our daily routine for the past week. We are still waiting for our couch and a few other things to arrive and then the house will finally be complete! I can't wait to show pictures once everything is finally put together! 

My dad drove 15 hours yesterday to bring the last load of my stuff to me. Isn't he the greatest? We went to a local seafood restaurant and we both enjoyed the alligator dinner. It was delicious! They even had an awesome fresh seafood market you could shop from.

After we ate, we headed to the store to get a few more things and then my dad was off! He wasn't able to stay and visit very long but I'm sure he will be back for a longer stay soon. I can't wait for more visitors to come down! If anyone needs a Florida getaway, just let me know ;) 

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