Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Favorite Plank Workout

Because I've been running for so many years it doesn't really feel like a workout to me but more of a leisure activity. I can often find myself wanting to run after a long and stressful work day so I'm not sure if it counts as a workout when I actually want to do it!

After I go on a run I always feel like I need to do a little something extra to actually get a workout in. I'm always leaning towards doing a quick ab workout for a few different reasons. 1. You don't need a lot, if any equipment. 2. You don't need a lot of room. and 3. They are easy to change up so it's always interesting!

This one is by far my favorite and it's so easy to change up when you want to push yourself a little more! I often find myself not wanting to laugh or sneeze the next day because my abs are a little tender!


So here's what you do: 10 second plank, 3 second rest.

Sounds easy, huh? Repeat that 10-15 times!

That 3 second rest will not be long enough after a few rounds! Feel free to mix up the ratio if you find this is too easy, add on a few extra rounds, or push yourself with a longer plank and short rests! I also suggest you use an interval timer (I use a free interval timer app) because it makes timing so much easier and you can't cheat yourself with a loud buzzer going off and letting you know it's time to get to work!

Try it out and let me know how you like it!

1 comment:

  1. I say it's a GOOD workout if it's one you like doing :) I'm going to try this plank one after my next run - looks like a great one!



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