Monday, November 26, 2012

Galloping Gobbler 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving spending time with friends and family! My Thanksgiving break was filled with fun activities, some running, and some light traveling.

To kick off the holiday my brother and I did the Galloping Gobbler 4 miler walk/run. I tried talking numerous people into doing the race with me but most of them had to get ready for Thanksgiving festivities. My brother, Chris, decided to walk it because he hasn't ran in months (maybe even years). Even though he didn't run with me I'm still glad he came! Also, I was super excited about my bib number because the number 3 is my favorite number! Maybe it was my good luck charm? :)

Being 8am on Thanksgiving morning, we just had a few fans who came to support us. Luckily for them, the weather was nice and it was pretty sunny out. My cousin from San Diego came to visit for the holidays and came to support us!

My sister was also there cheering us on!

It always means a lot to have support at races, even if they can only see you start and finish.

Race Results

The first time I ran this race was back in 2010 with some of my family members. When I ran it two years ago I finished with a time of 47:19, which is horrrrrible! I'm even embarrassed to say it. Thanks to the internet I was able to easily look up my time for that race in order to compare it with this year's, and I am really impressed with my improvement. In 2011 I didn't do the race because I was still recovering from my leg surgery and was not up for running that far.

This year I finished with a time of 36:22 with an average pace of 9:24! I am much more happier with that time and can tell all of my running is paying off. I was in the top 50 out of more than 200 runners for my age group! There were over 3,000 runners there total and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves! We started running on the college campus and then headed into a cemetery that was full of HILLS, where we were for a good portion of the race. Most of my runs lately have all been on flat surfaces as there aren't any good hills to run on in my area. I was hurting at some parts but was able to push through it and make it up all of the hills.



When I woke up today my throat was sore and my head was throbbing so I took some cold medicine and crawled back into bed until class. Later in the day I felt a little better so I decided to go on a run that was a little over 4 miles. When I started running I was hurting everywhere and had to do a run/walk combo for my workout. I am glad that I made myself run but now I am headed off to take a warm shower and grab some soup for dinner!

Did you take part in any holiday runs/walks this year?


  1. Good job on the race. I am so very proud of you roommie. Keep up the good work. Love you!!



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