Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve Traditions

Today was filled with Fort Wayne holiday traditions.

To start off the afternoon, Alex and I went to Headwaters Park Ice Arena and skated until we couldn't skate anymore. We skated about an hour and a half off and on because our feet were killing from the skates.

Alex was doing laps around me in his skates. I preferred to keep my pace nice and steady to prevent falling on the ice.

 The falling down record was: Alex:1, Danielle:1. I was doing pretty good there until the end when I got ahead of myself and thought I was magically a pro.

After skating for a couple of hours we headed home to meet my mom and siblings before leaving to go downtown for some more festivities.

Our first stop was Pint n' Slice for dinner. We ended up ordering pepperoni pizza to share, a slice of mushroom pizza for me, and a slice of The Don for mom.

After we ate we headed to the spot where Santa and his reindeer were being lit up on the side of a building. This is the 33rd year that this lighting has occurred. Hundreds of people gather downtown to watch the lighting of Santa, a wreath, a building, and numerous other displays.




Once this lit up everyone hustled over to the wreath lighting, which I didn't get a picture of.

After that we headed over to the Community Center to look around. They had a photo booth where we could take pictures with Buddy The Elf.

On our way back to the car we saw the display that Aunt Millie's Bread had put up. They covered the entire side of their factory with lights that flashed on and off in a pattern.

After seeing all of the lights we headed over to St. Francis college to pick up our race packets for tomorrow's race, the Galloping Gobbler 4 miler. Once we picked those up we headed over to Starbucks to grab a drink and watch the fireworks display. At Starbucks I saw two of my good friends, Amanda and Ali. It was such a good surprise to see them there because we all go to different schools and can barely see each other anymore. 

Now it's time for bed so I can get a good night's rest before the race tomorrow!

Are there any holiday traditions that you attend each year?

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