Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Found Some Free Time

Sorry I've been away the past few days. Finals week has been hectic but I have managed to get a few workouts in and relax a little bit. I still have one more final to take on Friday and then I am out of here and headed home for a long, relaxing, much needed, three week break. Can you believe that this is seriously the first time all week that I've had a chance to actually sit down and write a post for you guys?

Here's what's been going on these past few days:

On Monday between studying and finals, I wrapped up all of the Christmas presents that I have bought so far. I still have to buy gifts for my brothers and a secret Santa gift but other than that I am done with Christmas shopping.

I wanted to do something fun for Alex this year when it came to presents so I decided to get him 11 little presents and 1 big present and call it the 12 Days of Christmas. I love this idea but I know that it is going to drive him nuts not being able to open them all at once. He already keeps begging me to let him open 1 present early or jokes that he is going to open them all at once and not tell me. (Which I would never know if he did that or not because I won't see him too often over break as we live over an hour away from each other) but I really hope that he sticks to the plan!

I also came back to my dorm room and found this envelope taped on my door. I had no idea who it was from but my first guess was that it was from our RA.

But I was wrong! It was a Christmas card from our custodian! She is one of those sweet old ladies, the kind that you want to be when you're older, the type who always has a friendly smile and would always have a plate of fresh cookies on the table for when guests stopped by. She always says hi to us when we pass her in the halls and all week has been telling us good luck on our finals! I just love good-hearted people like her who give to people she barely knows.


Elf 4 Health

As you can see on the sidebar of my blog, there is an Elf4Health button. You can go read more about what Elf4Health is and sign-up by clicking here. Every week there are different challenges. This week began Round 2 and Week 3. Each week there are different daily challenges for you to do.

This week's challenges are:
Monday - Track your water intake and drink more!
Tuesday - Clean out your fridge and pantry of unhealthy things
Wednesday - Eat as many veggies as possibly by 2pm instead of saving them all for dinner
Thursday - Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
Friday - Workout with a buddy - or even your dog!
Saturday - Donate to a holiday charity in your area

As for Monday's challenge, I drank more water. I had been working on this goal for awhile now so this challenge was right up my alley. Because I live in the dorms, I wasn't really able to do Tuesday's challenge. I did throw out some candy that I had stashed up in my room, but as for my fridge, the only things in there are water, yogurt, and hummus.

Today's challenge was a yummy one! I started out my day with a wrap that was loaded with chicken, scrambled eggs, and lots of veggies. I also had a strawberry smoothie to wash it down.

After my workout, I stopped by Quiznos and chose to do the Choose 2 option. I opted for a salad and a grilled flatbread.

I got the Harvest Chicken Salad. It was made up of Honey-Dijon Chicken Salad, Granny Smith Apples, Grapes, Dried Cranberries, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Pumpkin Seeds and I topped it off with a drizzle of Acai Vinaigrette. This was my first time having this salad and I loved the sweetness of flavors and the crunch of the cucumbers. The dressing was pretty sweet so I didn't overload with it.

For my grilled flatbread, I ordered the Sonoma Turkey. This has turkey breast, all-natural cheddar, tomatoes, seasonal lettuce blend and chipotle mayo. The chipotle mayo is probably one of my favorite dressings there even though it isn't that healthy for you. But hey, it's finals week and I'm stressing out over tests so I can eat what I want, right? 

Also, notice the book in the background? Yep, no time to even sit down and eat without studying.


Monday was a rest day since I did my long run the night before.

Tuesday I attended one of the free fitness classes that school offers during finals week. At the end of each semester they have a Fit-Free Week so students can attend any fitness class they like in order to try it out and relieve some stress! Last semester I did the Pi-loxing class and it was a good workout. On Tuesday I couldn't remember which class I had attended last year but when I saw Pi-yo on the schedule, I was sure that it was the same class due to the "Pi" in the name. I was wrong though and the class was pure balance and stretching. I was a little upset but I needed a good stretch.

Today I attended another free class called Croxxtraining. I was so glad I did because I got a great all over body workout that left me super sweaty. Here's a sample of two of the circuits we did. I am going to call the first one: Calf Burner. Because that's exactly what it did. It made my calves burn but it also made my heart rate skyrocket.

After that workout, we did this circuit.. 

It was just as bad as it sounds.. And yes we did it for 15 minutes straight. If you complete this circuit you can change the time period to make it longer or shorter depending on your level of fitness. We were told to take breaks and get water as needed. I didn't completely stop but I had to take a short pause between workouts. This may have been one of the hardest workouts I have done lately but I loved it. I always love how I feel after a good workout and after sitting and studying for so many hours this week this workout is just what I needed.

Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to say since I've been away from the blog!

When you don't have a lot of free time, how do you fit in a workout?

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