Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scarves for Italy

Yesterday morning I had a doctor's appointment. I fainted a little over a month ago, so it was mainly just a follow-up appointment about that incident. I still have to go get a few tests done to see if I have sugar problems or not but other than that I am completely fine! He just told me to drink more water and talked a little bit about exercising and food intake.

After my appointment I went over to my cousin Rema's house. She is an Art Major and has the opportunity to go to Italy in the summer for a couple of weeks to take a class there and visit some different cities. The trip is quite pricey so to raise some money she has been knitting scarves to sell. So far she has knit 20 scarves and they all look beautiful! She was knitting the whole time we were there except when she was making us lunch. During the time she was making lunch I kept the knitting process going by helping her finish one of the scarves she had been working on. I have been feeling super crafty lately so I really enjoyed helping her. After all 20 scarves were complete, we dropped them off at our aunt's house. She said she would take them into work with her and see if people there wanted to buy them.

This just in! My aunt just texted me saying that she sold 16 of the scarves today and has special orders for 6 more! It looks like they were a big hit! I am sure that Rema could take those scarves to any office and people would buy them. They are adorable and the colors are so pretty!

After visiting with her and some other family members, I headed over to the bank to set up an account for the charity donations. I am excited that this process is really beginning! I have a few other ideas about how to raise money for my aunt's medical expenses but those are just ideas for the time being.

When we got home, Mom had a big pot of chili waiting for us. It was still warm so the cheese melted right in. Yummm

Disclaimer: I didn't actually eat the crackers but my sister, Stephanie, felt they were necessary to add to the photo to make it look pretty.

After dinner I worked on my t-shirt quilt project a little bit more! And will probably go do some more work on it right after I finish this post..


Today I had to work at noon so I woke up early (9:30!) to get a workout in. I did a workout DVD and it really worked my legs. I am already a little bit sore. After my workout I enjoyed a shake that I made using the fitmixer slim shake mix I received in the mail! I entered a contest a few weeks ago that fitmixer was having and I won!

The shake I made included the fitmixer slim chocolate mix, a big scoop of peanut butter, milk, and ice. It was delicious! I am going to have to try the mix by itself with milk tomorrow and so then I can tell how it really tastes by itself, without the peanut butter flavor thrown in.

What are your favorite ingredients to put in a shake after or before a workout?

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