Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Break Project

Today began with a run. I wanted to run about 5 miles but it started sprinkling during the run so I decided it was best to cut the run short. I went to the YMCA and ran on the trails that surround the Y and ended up running 3.5 miles. The trails included lots of torturous hills that made for a good workout.

When I got back home the house smelled delicious. My mom and her friend were busy in the kitchen doing their annual Christmas baking. They used to make several different kinds of cookies but now make homemade cinnamon rolls to give to their friends and co-workers. They even made a few extra batches, which made for a great dessert after dinner. You can click here to see the entire recipe.

(Photo courtesy of Michelle D.)

For lunch we decided to get carry-out from a local sushi restaurant called Koto. We decided to get the California rolls, chicken fried rice, clear soup, and green salads with ginger dressing. The soup (not pictured) is one of my favorite soups, the ginger dressing is delicious, and the rice and sushi are to die for. This lunch definitely hit the spot.

Later in the day I saw this sitting in my room..

A basket of old race and high school t-shirts. Before I left for school this year I got them all together, picked out some of my favorites, and planned to make one of those t-shirt quilts out of them. I told myself the other day that I wanted to get this quilt done while I was on break and had a bunch of free time so what better time to start than now?

Most people don't really know that I have a crafty side but I have done almost everything from quilting, sewing, glass making, jewelry making, sketching, scrap booking, painting, drawing, card making, knitting... you name it and I have probably done it. I just don't use my artistic abilities as much as I could so most people don't know that I have this lovely trait, which I got from my mom. I even made one of my Prom dresses a few years back.

So with all of my t-shirts cut up and laying in a pile (once again), I need to go to Joann Fabric's and buy some fabric and stabilizer and this quilting project will be under way!

What do you do with all of your old t-shirts?

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