Wednesday, January 2, 2013

60/30 Workout & A Giveaway

*The giveaway is now closed*

I had a wonderful New Years Eve thanks to Alex, Jessica, Jacob, and their parents, Sue and Jim!

We all went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before heading to The Eagles lodge for a New Years party. A country band called The Outlaw Cowboys was performing at The Eagles and they were pretty good! We all had fun talking and dancing until the ball dropped.

It was a great night and I am looking forward to many good things in 2013.

My Resolutions

I'm normally not big into making resolutions for the upcoming year because I usually don't stick with them but this year I am going to make them and try my best to stick with it!

My first resolution is to not have anymore than 2 rest days in a week. I feel like I have had way too many rest days these past few weeks because I have been so busy with finals and the holidays and want to make sure I don't slack on workouts and long runs especially with my half-marathon coming up.

My second resolution is to drink more water. I know I don't get enough each day and I really need to work on it.

My third is to continue with blogging and to raise money for my aunt's ovarian cancer fund that I created. For those of you that don't know, I am dedicating the half-marathon to her and raising money in the process to put towards her medical funds. If you would like to donate click on the "Donate" link on the top right of my blog to easily donate with PayPal. Anything helps!

Last, I am going to strive to be a better sister, daughter, girlfriend, and friend. This is something I always try to do but I know there are a few simple changes I could make to have better relationships with some of the people I care the most about.


I couldn't start the first day of the year without a workout so I created the 60/30 Workout. I saw a workout on Courtney's blog earlier this week that interested me and I made a few modifications to it. It's a good, quick workout to jump start your day!

New Years Resolutions Giveaway

Each year so many people make a resolution to become more fit, active, eat healthier, and/or lose weight. I thought that a fun way to kick off the new year for you all and to help with your resolutions would be to offer a New Years Resolutions Giveaway that includes products from some of my favorite healthy food and fitness brands. I am still working with some companies but as of right now some of the sponsors are Chobani, Attune Foods, and GoodBelly, just to name a few!

This week's giveaway is from Attune Foods. The winner of this giveaway will receive a few boxes of Uncle Sam Original Cereal and Uncle Sam Raisin Bran Cereal. These cereals are heart healthy and still full of flavor! The original can also be sprinkled over your favorite yogurt for an added crunch.

How to enter

Comment on this post telling me what resolutions you have for the new year. If you didn't make any, comment telling me how you brought in the new year!

I will choose a winner on Saturday January 5th!


  1. I plan on incorporating more produce in my diet by making veggie/fruit combo green smoothies!

  2. I have way too many resolutions! :) Two of them are to run at least 3 races this year and to also continue with CrossFit. You were super cute for NYE - Good to hear you had a blast!

  3. no resolutions for me, not a fan of them. at 12am on NYE i was asleep! haha i was asleep before 11pm. i had travelled home that day from my vaca and was wiped.
    you and alex still are cute! don't be too hard on yourself about the end of year rest days - december is a tough time for everyone to fit in workouts! i'm sure with a half marathon to train for you'll be plenty motivated to prepare!

  4. Those sound like good resolutions! I hope that I can actually keep my resolutions this year!

  5. We have a lot of the same resolutions!! Cute blog!

  6. I am with you on the drink more water resolution! I definitely need to up my water intake!

    On another note, I love your leopard scarf!

  7. I plan on going to the gym at least five days a week to work on my weight training and lose 20 pounds! Thanks!

  8. I definitely want to drink more water!
    Thanks so much - Georgiana

  9. My resolutions are 1) to quit biting my nails, 2) to drink more water, but not enough that my mother yells at me, and 3) to workout more often compared to what I do now.

    Your curls are just precious.

  10. Haven't really written down any resolutions yet but I definitely want to earn to love myself more this year.

  11. I resolve to eliminate worthless calories from my diet and stick to a daily exercise regimen

  12. I resolve to get in better shape and eat less sugar!
    mermont84 at



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