Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not a Fan

For Christmas one of my gifts from my sister was a Starbucks gift card. I put it to good use the other day before my hour and a half drive to Ohio to visit Alex for the New Year. I bought a peppermint mocha with an extra shot of espresso so I wouldn't doze off while driving (which seems to happen when I drive for a long time). It was delicious! Well I still had some money left on the gift card so when I was out doing some errands today I thought that I would try a misto from Starbucks. I have heard several good things about them from several other bloggers like Julie and Erica.

I heard from the other bloggers that the misto tastes really good and is cheaper than a cappuccino. It is half coffee and half steamed milk while a cappuccino is made with espresso instead. So when I went today I decided to find out what all the rave was about. I ordered a misto with a pump of caramel. I tried it after it had a few minutes to cool down and did not like it at all. Let's just say I will be sticking to the drinks that have a healthy serving of creamer and flavored syrup in them.


I don't know if you can call something a workout if there is no sweat involved because today's "workout" was super light. I waited for my mom to get home from work and we took the dogs out on a brief 25 minute walk. We would have went longer but the street we were walking on was really icy and we didn't want to risk the dogs getting hurt from falling on the ice or us getting dragged across the ice if they saw a squirrel or something.

Also, if you haven't entered the giveaway for the cereals from Attune Foods then head on over and do just that! Don't forget to look out for more giveaways through January!

Have you tried the misto? What did you think?


  1. how funny, i love mistos! they used to be my starbucks drink of choice. well first i was into the sweeter drinks like mochas, then i graduated to just one pump of syrup, then mistos. soon i was asking for mistos with less and less milk and now i drink my coffee black. a slow evolution! to each her own and glad you tried it out.

    1. I am hoping to someday reach that point! I think I am going to have to stick to my mochas for now

  2. I have never tried the misto because I do not like coffee (weird huh?). I usually stick with the green tea latte (iced or hot) and somethimes if I am feeling crazy I order a peppermint hot chocolate (I rarely get this due to the amount of sugar). At least you tried something new!

  3. Oh no! I haven't had a misto in forever, but the times I've tried them I've thought they tasted pretty similar to a latte! Maybe the barista was just "off"?



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