Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Brand New Look

On Thursday I headed down to Alex's to spend a few days with him and his family. I haven't seen his family since Christmas and even though I am seeing him tomorrow when we go back to school, I probably wouldn't of had another chance to see his family until this summer so I took the opportunity to visit.

But before I left to go and visit them I had to take the cat, Hooter, to the groomers and let's just say she wasn't too happy about it, afterwards at least.

On the way to the groomer's she sat in the front seat next to me and would put her paws up on the dash to look outside the window.

But on the way home, she crawled under the seat and hid. I'm not too sure if she knew she looked ridiculous or if she thought she had been punished but one thing was for sure - she was not happy

The groomer, who knows my mom is a photographer, said that Hooter requested that no photos be taken! Ha! No photos? In my house? Not a chance.

I do kinda feel bad for her.. But she really needed it because she was covered in mats! I am sure she feels 10x better now. The best part about this whole thing was that once we brought her home the other pets thought we had a brand new cat! It was funny to watch them follow her around and stare her down whenever she would walk by.


Have you ever had to take a pet to the groomers? How did they respond? This was our first experience with a groomer and we definitely got a kick out of Hooter's new look!


  1. Poor kitty. You're right though-she has to feel so much better!

  2. Haha! Too cute. My mom always grooms our dog. We took her to the groomers once and she came home shaking! At least she had a pretty little pink bow tied around her neck :)



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