Friday, April 12, 2013

5k Race for Hunger Recap

Last weekend I signed up for a small 5k race in my hometown. One of the fraternities at Indiana Tech was hosting a 5k race to raise money for St. Mary's Soup Kitchen. I don't know exactly how many people were there but there were around 50 which I thought was a good turn out for a cold, Saturday morning. Pretty much everyone there was around my age and there were also a few older adults that ran making for some good competition. The worst part about this race was the temperature outside. It had been super warm all week so I had packed clothes for warmer running temps - little did I know it would be 30 some degrees and windy that morning! My hands were mighty cold.

I signed up for this race for a few different reasons:

1) I haven't raced since last fall and thought it would be good to get another race under my belt before the half-marathon.
2) The race was for a good cause and didn't cost an arm and a leg to enter
3) Free t-shirt! (this is what I am always most excited about when it comes to races)

I had told my mom when I signed up for the race that she had to go with me. I think she forgot about it because Saturday morning I dragged her out of bed for the race! She was happy with her hot Starbucks coffee and camera though! (My mom also wrote a review of the race, check it out here)

My Garmin time ended up being 25.59! I am happy with this time because I was running into the wind for a good portion of the race which made it a bit of a challenge. And not to mention that my hands were numb for half of the race (not that that has anything to do with time, it was just painful!)

The best part about this race? I won first place in my age group! This is also my first plaque ever! I have a handful of ribbons and medals but no plaques so this is a fun one to add to the collection.

And here are the winners from all the age groups. Doesn't the guy in the blue look so excited to have won?

After the race I went home and put on my ProCompression Marathon Socks to help with recovery! I am seriously in love with them! See my full review of the socks here.

And speaking of ProCompression socks, the winner of the ProCompression Marathon Socks giveaway is Julie M! Julie I am e-mailing you, be sure to check your inbox and spam folders just incase.

If you didn't win the giveaway you can still use the promo code SOMF4 to receive 40% off and free shipping on any baby blue or purple pair of ProCompression socks throughout April!

* All photos taken by Michelle Davies of Michelle Davies Photography


Have you ever under or over dressed for a race?


  1. Nice work on the race, time, and 1st place finish. That pic is too funny - that guy does not look impressed at all. And the best part of a race is the t-shirt and medal!! :)

  2. So excited to be a winner! Congratulations on getting first in your age group. :)

  3. You're so speedy! Great job Danielle :) I've always wanted to win something running wise - I'm so happy that you did! That guy in the blue hahaha! I love his face!

  4. Wow - That is an amazing time!!! I hate running in the cold but seem to overdress rather than under dress. Your mom's write up is great and I love the photos of you she posted. Super cute :)

  5. Wow what an achievement! Well done on coming first that is awesome :)

  6. Congratulations on winning your age group!

  7. Way to go!! That guy in the blue does look pretty excited lol



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