Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Super Sweaty 15 Minute Lower Body Workout

Today I realized how inconsistent my blogging is. While I always post at least twice a week, some weeks I will post much more than others. Does this drive any of you crazy? I'm sorry if it does! I find that I have much more time to blog when I don't have as much homework to do. And speaking of homework... I better make this post quick because I have some that is due tomorrow and a test to study for!

Today I completed a new lower body workout I threw together. Afterwards I was literally lying on the floor, not moving an inch. Here's the proof...

At least I still had enough energy to smile for the camera! I also may or may not have dropped my phone on my face while scrolling through my Instagram while laying on the floor :)

So if you want a super sweaty-lie dead on the floor when it's done-leg workout then this is for you!


And be sure to enter the ProCompression Marathon Socks giveaway! The socks will be perfect for recovery after this workout ;)


What is your favorite lower body exercise?


  1. I feel the same way! School keeps me so busy that my blogging gets super inconsistant. Sigh. At least we have the summer!

    1. I knew you would feel the same! Can't wait for summer :)

  2. Love the workout, Danielle! And an inconsistent schedule doesn't bother me. Some weeks we are just so much busier than others!



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