Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston

I don't know how to explain how I felt when I found out the news about the explosions at the Boston Marathon today. Because I am a runner I felt like it touched me a little bit more. And the fact that I had just finished a run without any injuries, pain, or suffering made me feel guilty.

For some people the race is a tradition and they run it every year, for others their dream of running in such an amazing race came true and this was their first time participating. I cannot imagine what those running today felt when they were so close to finishing a race they have been training for for months, some even years, all to be over with just like that.

I cannot imagine being able to celebrate after completing the race when some families are now without their loved ones. Knowing that most of the people who were injured or killed were spectators saddens me. They were there to support and cheer on their loved ones. As a runner I know that my support group is so crucial to my training and without them I don't know if I could push myself as much as I do. Knowing that a member of my family was hurt cheering me on would break my heart. I cannot imagine why someone would want to do such cruel things to a group of people.

All I do know is that as runners, we have to stand up. We can't stop running just because of the acts of one person. We have to keep doing what we love for those we love and for those who lost their lives at the Boston Marathon today. We need to take a second to pray and send our thoughts to the families who are suffering.


  1. So sad. I can't imagine how the runners felt.

  2. Everyone who ran Boston yesterday was robbed of the glory of their special day. I'm angry on their behalf and deeply saddened by the injuries and loss of lives.

  3. I am so sad that so much was taken away from those runners yesterday, as well as their family and loved ones there to watch them. This didn't have to happen.



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