Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Run For Your Lives

Are you an avid runner or do you only run when you're being chased?

I am a huge fan of the The Walking Dead, which is a horror-drama television series about a group of people fighting for their lives in a world of flesh-eating zombies. When I was watching the season finale a few weeks ago I saw a commercial for a 5k race called Run For Your Lives.

Running and The Walking Dead? Count me in.

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This race is infested with zombies and obstacles that test your speed, strength, and wit. Each runner wears flags ("lives") on their belt and if they cross the finish line with at least 1 life then they are a survivor, if the zombies get all of their lives then they transform into a zombie. The main obstacles are a blood pit, smoke house, and a maze but there are other natural obstacles like mud holes, etc. I am the most nervous about the smoke house. A dark house filled with zombies scares me!

The photo gallery on the race website shows people running through rivers, covered in mud, climbing up ropes, crawling under barbed wire, and running from zombies. I think the race will be similar to a Tough Mudder but with the added bonus of running for your life.

Do you hate running but still want to be a part of the race? You can sign up to be a zombie! The Run For Your Lives crew will give you a professional zombie transformation by doing your make-up and shredding your clothes! Zombies even get a few added perks like free parking and camping.

Now you can't tell me that seeing that zombie won't make you run a little bit faster. I know it would make me sprint the entire race!

I am signing up for the race in Indianapolis, IN and you should sign up for a race near you too! You can find the complete list of race locations, learn more about how the race works, and check out the after party details on the Run For Your Lives website. Just the fact that this race is different from your normal 5k race makes me want to do it! Color runs are fun but zombie runs? It can't get much better.

Disclaimer: In return for writing this review I am receiving a discount on my race entry, however all opinions are entirely my own.


Have you ever heard of the Run For Your Lives 5k race? 
What is the craziest, most original race you have ever done?


  1. That race sounds crazy and fun! I am pretty lame and have never done a crazy race... I should probably sign up for one!

  2. You are a racing queen! I feel like you're signing up for a new race every other day :) And yes, zombies would totally make me run faster as well. I'd be super creeped out!

    1. Whenever I find a fun one or one for a good cause I am always sold :)

  3. I saw someone's post about being a zombie for that run, it looked awesome. I am going to see if they have one in Canada.

    My boyfriend (Manfriend as he's known on my blog) HATES to run, but he also HATES zombies. I wonder if I could get him to do this, I guarantee you he would be running!

  4. This looks REALLY fun. It would be a good way to motivate my kids to start running. Anyone experience anything like this with their kids?

    I went on http://www.whatisrightforme.com/treadmill/ and use the zombies preference...it pulled up walking treadmills lol



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