Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Run For Your Lives Race Recap

As you all know, over the weekend I was able to participate in the Run For Your Lives 5k! The race took place at Boonestown Farm - the perfect place for a creepy, zombie infested run!

If you remember, I had told you all that my mom was going to strap a GoPro recorder on me to record the race. Well she did strap me up with the camera but she didn't have it turned on! Fail! She still managed to get some awesome shots of the race.

As soon as the race began we all ran out and a huge pack of zombies was waiting for us! We all sprinted our hearts out and then sighed a sigh of relief when we realized that they weren't everywhere - they just came in packs randomly throughout the race. I didn't know anyone in my group but quickly found some people that knew my mom and ran with them. It was neat to see everyone form packs and take on the zombies all at once!

There were several different obstacles throughout the race. Packs of zombies were the main one! Other things we had to do were monkey bars, crawl under barbed wire, go through a dark house that was full of wires that put off a small electric shock if you grabbed them, go through mud puddles, jump over walls, and walk waist deep through rivers. At first all of that sounds scary but trust me, it was a blast.

Mom also managed to capture a picture of me doing the final obstacle of the race. Climbing a wooden wall to get to a slide that went into a "blood" pit - can you tell I am happy that I have almost completed the race as a survivor? Once I get out of the blood pit I will have to tackle one last batch of zombies and crawl under wire to complete the race!

And I did it! I survived! Only one other person in my group had survived and the other two had transformed into zombies! It took about an hour and a half to complete the entire course. We walked and did cool obstacles more than we ran but when we ran, we ran for our lives!

We were able to take pictures in the cool zombie infested booth that RFYL had set up.

At the end of the race they handed out our t-shirts. I was so thankful that they put them in plastic bags so we wouldn't get them all wet and muddy! They also had outdoor showers there for us to clean off in. If you ever plan on doing the RFYL race remember to bring a towel! It completely slipped my mind so I had to sit in wet clothes for an hour on the drive home.

If you think this race sounds amazing then you should definitely look into running one! There are numerous locations all across the U.S. and there may be one near you! :)

On a side note: the headband I am wearing in the pictures above is a Rockin' Ribbons Headband! I did not have to readjust it once throughout the entire race. From jumping over walls to going through water, it stayed put. You can check them out HERE.

Disclaimer: I received a free entry into the RFYL race in return for advertisement before the race and a race recap after. All opinions are always my own.


Would you ever be interested in doing a race like this?


  1. Looks like it was such a great race! I wish they had if here in Australia :)

  2. This sounds fun! You got some great pictures too. Allan has been wanting to run one of these since he first heard about them.

  3. Looks like a great time, bummer the gopro wasn't on, that would have made for an epic video I think!

    I've never really been interested in one of these but there is one coming to my area in the fall and I may look into it. We will see....something about ZOmbies...just not a fan!



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