Thursday, June 20, 2013

Run For Your Lives (Countdown)

Do you guys remember me talking about the Run For Your Lives 5k race I am doing? Well it's this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! My mom and her friend are going to pick me up from school and then we are going to head down to the race. My mom just bought a new car so she was definitely sure to inform me to bring extra clothes so I don't get it all muddy ;)

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The other exciting thing about this race is that I am going to be video-recording the entire thing while I am running it! My mom is a photographer so she is all into the techy, photo equipment. She has a special water, mud, and shock proof camera that she is going to attach to me! I think it will be so fun to capture the race, jumping through obstacles, and running away from zombies! I will be sure to share some video with you guys.

Anyways, what are your suggestions for what I should wear?! I am going to be getting super muddy and wet and this is my first race like that!

If you are interested in running a Run For Your Lives 5k race, check out all the info here. You can also read my full review of the race.


What is the muddiest, dirtiest race you have ever ran? Have you ever ran in the Run For Your Lives race?

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  1. My first trail race a few years ago was pretty muddy and dirty but nothing like that! I don't really do them much (I'm a clutz) so I don't have much to compare it to either!



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