Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's Been Awhile

My good friend, Carling (you may remember her from here), blogs over at My Adventures and Photography and was telling me that she wants to blog more! I love talking blogs with people and having blog-friends! Talking with her had me thinking - it's been awhile since I last blogged. The last post I made was on October 6th. Over 3 months ago!

I can not let this keep happening.

I can not let life keep getting so busy that I don't give myself 10 minutes a day to sit down and read some of my favorite blogs, write a quick post about my day, or share a new fun Pinterest find I tried.

The other downside of not blogging in awhile is that all of you lovely followers have no idea what I have been up to! I bet you didn't know I joined CrossFit and haven't ran since…well…the Indy Monumental Marathon in November. Crazy right?

But I am making it a goal to blog at least twice a week. So all of you followers who have missed reading about my life can catch up ;)

Since I don't have any pictures related to today, I'll share one of Jon and I from NYE!

Question of the Day:

What is the longest blog break you have ever taken? 


  1. CrossFit?! Awesome!! Can't wait to catch up :) Which means... I'm expecting a quick pop-in later this week, hehe!

    1. I know! Crazy right?! And if there isn't one you will have to get on me! haha!

  2. Hey! Thanks for mentioning me. You're so sweet. We need to keep each other motivated to keep posting. We can do it!

  3. Hmm i think the longest blog break I took was this year around Christmas time. I took the 23rd to the 30th off and it felt so good to just focus on time spent with family and friends :)

    1. It's always good to take a break around the holidays! I wish my longest break was only 7 days - making it a priority to blog more now though so hopefully it will be ;)



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