Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meal Inspiration

I was standing in line at Meijer yesterday and could not help but notice all of the magazines in the checkout aisle. I hardly ever take the time to read them but the JanuaryFebruary issue of Cooking Light caught my eye. 

This issue contains recipes for simple quick breakfasts, all-day snack solutions, jazzed-up microwave lunches, and fast and healthy entrees! Who wouldn't want recipes and ideas for all of those meals? 

Last night's dinner inspiration came from one of the "Jazzed-Up Microwave Lunches" recipes.

While I was at Meijer I stocked up on all of the necessities - avocados, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, hummus, the list goes on and on.

I already had turkey burgers in the fridge so I changed up their Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle Burger recipe a little bit to fit what I had on hand.

My burger consisted of: 1 turkey burger, spinach, cucumbers, avocado, and hummus all stuffed into 1/2 a pita pocket. I also had cherry tomatoes and mushrooms on the side and then a little bit later snacked on a handful of nuts.

Let me tell you - this was absolutely delicious. I loved how the cucumbers added a crunch to the sandwich and the avocado was super creamy!

A perfect meal in my book.

If you hadn't noticed, I added a "Recipe" tab to the blog. Just click on it and you can find a list of all the recipes I have had on the blog. I haven't posted many recipes yet but am working on cooking/baking more and sharing them with you all!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite magazine? Where is your favorite place to get inspiration for new meals?


  1. Call me lame but I love Martha Stewart living magazine. They have great recipes, awesome organization and decor ideas, as well as some beauty stuff too without being over the top!

    1. I will have to check that one out! I love when they have a little bit of everything in them!



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