Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Running is hard work and takes a lot of commitment, practice, and motivation. In order to get better at running you have to run. As most runners know, it is not easy to get up out of your warm, cozy bed and put on your running shoes and go outside and run. As the seasons are changing, the weather has gotten colder, wetter, and gloomier, making going for a run even less desirable.

In order to push myself and make myself train for future races I thought up some ideas for motivation. I want to raise awareness for ovarian cancer by raising money and donating it to a person struggling with this cancer so they can use it for medical expenses or to an organization dedicated to finding a cure.

I personally know an amazing woman who is one of the most caring, selfless, and strongest women I have ever met. She always goes out of her way for people even when she does not feel her best. She has been fighting ovarian cancer for a few years and has underwent countless chemotherapy sessions. I feel that out of anyone I know, she deserves it. I think that her family, friends, and acquaintances would all want to give back to her as she gives so much to others.

One of the slogans for ovarian cancer is "Fight like a Girl," which is where I got my motto, "Run like a Girl" for the race!

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