Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Turkey Day Challenge

Earlier today I ran across a challenge on GPP's website that is intended to help clean up your eating, become more committed to exercise and improve health. The challenge is intended to run from October 29 to November 21st. All the details for the Turkey Day Challenge are below and are taken from GPP's website.


  1. You may eat NO ADDED SUGAR - no white sugar, no brown sugar, no high fructose corn syrup (you'll have to check labels for this sneaky beast). Honey and agave are ok. Unprocessed fruits are OK.  You can have Splenda and Asptartame, but why the H would you want to?  Basically, anything that is a sugary sweet eaten for pleasure alone is off limits.  Just until Thanksgiving day.
  2. You must complete 5 GPP workouts per week PLUS three extra 30 minute cardio sessions per week.
  3. You are to pick a health related challenge to stick to.  Once picked, you should post this healthy challenge and how you will be accountable for compliance to it.  For example: you may choose to begin a few rounds of BCD & post (daily) whether or not you stuck to it.   Below are a few suggestions of health related challenges you may consider:
    • Comply strictly with a GPP meal plan.
    • Get 6-8 hours of sleep per night.
    • 50 extra burpees per day.
    • Pray/meditate daily
    • No unhealthy snacks.
    • Take a daily multi vitamin.
    • 5 servings of fruits + 5 servings of vegetables per day.
    • Eat .9 g of lean protein per lb of lean body weight daily.
    • Eat healthy & correct portions of breakfast/lunch/dinner.
    • Weekly community service.
    • Weigh & measure weekly.

The Teeth

If you are going to commit to any of the above, you have to be committed enough to put some teeth into it.  In other words, it has to HURT if you break your commitment.  So here is how that works:
  1. You must commit to, and define your intention to complete the challenge to comments.
  2. You must post daily results of your challenge to comments.
  3. There are penalties for not following through.  Each time you miss a workout, indulge in a sugary treat, or mess up on your personal goal (your observable, measurable & repeatable one) you are to pay $1, or 1 can of food for every offense!  Strictly enforced by HONOR.  These are to be dropped off at GPP HQ (or your local food bank).  Questions or exceptions are to be voted upon by those in the challenge.  Majority rules!  

My Personal Commitments

1. No added sugar except for the small amount found in foods that I feel are healthy. My goal of this challenge is to not eat candy, cakes, chips, or anything deemed unhealthy by most people. No tastes or samples of these foods allowed!
2. Completing 5 workouts a week, GPP or not. I have other workout routines that I sometimes follow so these do not count against me.
3. Health Related Challenge - take a multivitamin everyday and drink more water.

I am not going to blog daily posts each day about the results of this challenge but will offer an update every now and then. 

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