Sunday, November 11, 2012

Life In Color

Life in Color, formerly known as Dayglow, is the world's largest paint party and the world's largest electronic music concert.  Students had the opportunity to purchase a ticket for $15, instead of the normal cost of $40-$65! The show began with high-energy music playing and then the host did an introduction. He told us all to scream "Start the countdown," until the paint blast. When we did, a timer of 1 HOUR came on the big screen! At first my friends and I were disappointed as we all thought it would be 10 minutes tops until the paint blast. We all danced for the hour and then the paint began! It shot out from the stage at unexpected times throughout the concert.

My boyfriend, Alex, and I after Life in Color

The paint was watery and cold, which was refreshing because it was extremely hot in the arena with all of the people dancing. Everyone who came to the show wore white so the glow in the dark paint would show up easily in the black lights. The show also had different strobe and light effects which were really cool and added to the excitement. I heard that bigger shows even have acrobats and different performance acts which would have been really cool to see. Overall, I am glad that I got to experience this and if Life in Color comes to your area then I suggest you go! It was definitely a fun experience that I won't forget.

As for yesterday's workout, I didn't do one. I felt that all of the dancing at Life in Color was a workout in itself! Today I have been busy writing a paper and I have barely enough time to squeeze this post in, so if I get a workout in later tonight I will be surprised. A long run is definitely in the plans for tomorrow's agenda.

Dinner tonight was small and quick. I wasn't really feeling very hungry because I shared a blueberry muffin with my boyfriend earlier but I managed to make something up. I had a bowl of rice that I mixed with some salsa, and a side of strawberries. Salsa is one of my absolute favorite foods so if I find an opportunity to incorporate it in with my meal then I will. The picture doesn't make it look appetizing but it tasted really good. The salsa gave the rice a nice kick and added some spice.

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