Thursday, November 8, 2012


I started the Turkey Day Challenge 3 days late, but have been going strong for the past 5 days. The hardest rule of this challenge has been not eating foods with added sugar. It is supposed to be completely cut out of your diet which means no dessert-like or sugary foods that are eaten for pleasure.

This was difficult because last weekend I attended a fall party that was hosted by my aunt and uncle. At the party there were bowls that were full of leftover Halloween candy. These buckets had all of my favorites from FULL size bags of M&Ms (my absolute favorite), Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Twizzlers, and Milky Way bars. It was especially hard to say no to my 5-year-old cousin when he insisted that everybody eat some candy! Deep down I really wanted to say "yes" and dig right in!


I think after a few days of not eating extra sugary or dessert-like foods that you hit a point where it is all you want to eat. I have been trying to resist my urges by chewing gum, eating fruit, or drinking flavored water. Even though I occasionally crave sweets, I have been feeling better overall since I haven't ate them.

These easy part of this challenge for me has been getting 5 workouts in and including at least three 30 minute cardio sessions a week.


Today's workout did not consist of any cardio. I just wanted to focus on strength training and did an arm workout. I found a workout similar to this on Pinterest and made some of my own modifications to it. I have found that when it comes to upper arm strength, I have close to none. If you do this workout you can make your own modifications depending on your strength ability. This workout is a challenge and I could really feel my arms burning when I was doing the third superset!

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  1. Holy cow; that's a tough challenge. Kudos to you for trying, and good luck!



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