Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweat Pink

During my daily blog reading a couple of months ago I had noticed that on the sidebar of several blogs were Sweat Pink Ambassador badges. I was curious so I did a little research on the program and quickly became interested.

When doing some research I learned that Sweat Pink is where girly and tough meet in the middle.

"Sweat Pink Ambassadors sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves."


The Sweat Pink website asks: "Do you have a passion for inspiring others on their journeys to health? Do you believe that strong is the new skinny, pink is the new black, and that a positive attitude and whole foods are a healthier route to happiness than self-loathing and 100-calorie snack packs?" As I read the questions to myself, I answered yes to every single one of them and I quickly filled out the application to become a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I waited to hear back from them and was very anxious to find out if I was accepted.

Today when I checked my inbox I saw an email with the subject saying "Welcome to the Team!" I am so excited to be able to meet many wonderful women through the Sweat Pink program and to be able to share with them my success with living a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are a Sweat Pink Ambassador, comment below and let me know! I am so excited to meet all of you. Also, feel free to connect with me through these other social networks (this goes for all of you non-Sweat Pink Ambassadors too!)





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